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Todd has successfully performed on  projects valued between $5,000 and $110 Million and he brings certain knowledge to the business that is critical to project success.  Project types completed range from very minor renovations to complete construction of multiple unit, multiple phase, high rise concrete structures - which allows for a wide knowledge of construction products and processes and approaches.

Our experience in Federal Contracting has further developed the management requirements the  government requires to be successful.  Whether the work is replacing a door or replacing a roof - the process and diligence have to be the same.

Above all, we believe that with the right experience and the proper approach - there is not a project we cannot perform, and perform it well.


about us

NEI Construction Co (a limited liability corporation) has been in business since 2011, and since 2014 has been lead by Todd Raper, who has brought a level of organization needed to properly support a vast majority of construction projects supply services and processes.

We are a National Federal Contractor.  Performing all types of work in many areas of the United States. 

We are a Construction Manager capable of managing many project types in many locations.

We are a Professional Service provider - offering Owners Representation and Construction Manager roles.

NEI Construction Co LLC is committed to the long term development of a company that can complete on a wide range of projects and services.